Howdy y’all! Kicking off a category here. The Just Winging It crew is going to put our money where our mouth is, literally. The budget is 250 of our finest American dollars each. The mission is to have a killer weekend in a new city. We are talking flight, room, food, adventures, beers, ALL IN. $250 maximum.

Why Houston?

City number 1 is Houston. Why Houston? Well they just won the World Series… Also the flights from Minneapolis to Houston and Chicago to Houston were each $89 roundtrip. What does that mean? We now have $161 dollars left to go.

Where to stay?

Good question, no idea right now. We leave tomorrow and we don’t know where we’re staying. We’ll roll the dice on being able to find a last minute hotel room. Either that or we’ll spend a night writing at the House of Pies, which is open 24 hours. Always good to have a backup plan involving pancakes and coffee. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that, but if it does we’ll save $$ on the room that we’ll be able to use the next day!

What’s the Plan?

We have 3 things we want to do in Houston: get a front row seat for the World Series parade, try one of the local food challenges, and rent a tandem bike to check out the city on two wheels. The parade is free, and I’m sure Houston’s best and brightest will be out in FULL force to celebrate the win. We’ll be there to experience the madness and have a good time ourselves.

We’ve also heard quite a bit about the food challenges this great nation is fond of, and we want to see what Houston has to offer. Here’s what I’m thinking: The Cajun Stop. The Undertaker sandwich is a 35 inch surf and turf monstrosity. Ready for the kicker? If you finish it all it’s free! And that means more of our $250 to spread around on beers, and maybe a hotel. You know the pressure’s on if losing means no hotel for the night!

The Cajun Stop’s Undertaker Sandwich Challenge

And finally, what better way to see a city than on a bike. I’ll tell you: a tandem bike. Grab one of your pals and pedal your heart out to see the sites! You might even get a whistle or two from a cute gal along the bike path.

I tell ya what, we are pumped to kick off the $250 weekends, and can’t wait to tell you about the trip to Houston. Sianara and see you down south!


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