Traveling is my passion. However, as many of my fellow travelers would agree, traveling to a new country is not always easy. From countries language to simply knowing your way around, there are a lot of things that you need to manage. Long ago, it was a hectic job trying to figure all this out without a guide. Fast forward to now, technology has changed dramatically, with the advent of hundreds of travel apps that help you in every way imaginable. Below are 5 great travel apps you need to take advantage of.

Travel Apps

Hopper – Flight Booking

Let’s start from the point you begin your travels. If you are a frequent flier like me, you are always on the lookout for cheap flights – Hopper helps with this. It works on a month view basis and searches to find the cheapest days to fly. It will then send you to push notifications for dates that are cheapest to fly on. The app works in seconds to find the best flights in its database that you can book with a simple push of a button. What’s more, the app ensures that you get a discount of up to 40% on your very next flight! Hopper is one my favorite apps that I use regularly. It always helps me get best deals helping me save hundreds of dollars every time I travel.

Pack point – Travel Packing

A useful app for frequent travelers, especially people who tend to forget items easily. The best thing is that the app self-generates a list according to your destination, adding items that you will definitely need for the trip. You can then customize the list according to your wishes. It works great for last minute packing where you simply “check” off all the things that you packed and manage to take everything with you! Remembering to pack every possible item is not my thing. Pack point helps me focus on the activities I will enjoy while visiting and so I planned some really fun events even before arriving at my destination.

Memrise – Language

When you are traveling to foreign countries, language can be a potential barrier. With memrise, you can easily find out about the most commonly used sentences and phrases. The app figures out your learning style and adapts to it, suggesting phrases that will help you most. It also gives you mnemonics to remember and can work in offline mode. Memrise is my app of choice whenever I am planning to stay in a foreign country for a while. It has helped me understand other people as well as allowing them to understand me. A must-have in my opinion!

Google Trips – Logistics

Are one of those people who like to keep your travel reservations and itinerary in one place? Google Trips is the app for you! Google Trips gives you your own portable manila folder, without the hassle of having to deal with loads of papers and printouts. The app syncs your Gmail Inbox, maps, and itineraries, carefully organizing them into neat folders for convenience. Now you can access your desired travel plans and folders in a second, without having to go through a ton of papers and receipts. The best part is that it works offline so you don’t have to worry about finding the nearest Wi-Fi as soon as you step into a new country. I myself love to keep my plans organized and google trips helps me keep things from diving into chaos every time I travel!

Yelp – Food & Drink Reviews 

This popular app has become known for its credibility with authentic restaurant reviews. The number of reviews that it contains sets it apart and literally makes it the yellow pages of restaurants! If you are looking to find the best spots in a city or country this is your go-to app. I have referenced this app a number of times on my travel, and I have to say, I was never disappointed. Check out a one great way you could be getting cash back on Yelp!

Use These Travel Apps to your Advantage!

From pre trip planning, to in trip suggestions, these are the best travel apps I use while traveling. You can’t simply trust and ask every passerby. Instead, rely on these integrated apps which will help you make the most out of your trip. So, why the wait? Download them all and plan your next trip comfortably today!

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