Hong Kong, Asia’s ‘World City’, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Hong Kong can be best described in three words – restless, vibrant and dynamic. Despite the unbelievable atmosphere and fun to be had, not many people are aware that the city really comes alive in the evening. With glittering lights, pulsating traffic and the neon signboards, this place does not sleep. Hong Kong is known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, and let me tell you this city earned that nickname.

5. Victoria Peak – Watch the Lights at sundown

Tourists all over the world associate Hong Kong with a beautiful panoramic skyline and bobbing boats in the harbor. By far the best location to get an iconic view of Hong Kong is from the top of Victoria Peak. It is a famous attraction and viewing point in the island throughout the day. However, the best views are just before the sunset. You NEED to find a good spot on the Sky Terrace (http://www.thepeak.com.hk/en/5_2_1.asp) so get there a bit ahead of time. Or, if you don’t make it, hang out on one of the walking trails and wait patiently for the sun to set. The sight of the Hong Kong skyscrapers lighting up in the backdrop of the setting sun is an amazing and revered sight in this magical city. To make the trip, take the Peak Tram; the terminus is located at a short distance from Central MTR station.

4. Take a trip to Hong Kong Zoo

The Hong Kong Zoo was founded in 1864 and is one of the BEST free attractions of the island. It is one of the oldest zoos in the world, and is a very popular location for romantic dates. Many couples spend romantic evenings together here, it is a fantastic place to join in the fun with your sweetheart. The garden is very well-maintained with an amazing collection of flora and fauna. The landscape has a number of beautiful fountains and is a great place for a quiet evening stroll with your loved one.

3. Hong Kong Night Bus Tour

If you have plans to explore the island at night, then your best bet is to hop on the Big Bus Tour. It is an open-bus tour that will take you past the most amazing night sights of the city. You will see the Temple Street Night Market, Nathan Road, the Clock Tower, and Hong Kong Coliseum. The tour starts from Tsim Sha Tsui, and in around one hour takes you through the heart of this vibrant and bustling city. You should absolutely hop off at the Temple Street Night Market and Ladies Market to explore the area on foot. The tour ends at Avenue of Stars. If you can manage to catch the 7 pm bus, you will be at the harbor just in time for the Symphony of Lights.

2. Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant

The Jumbo Kingdom is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong. You have to visit this a unique combination of culture, dining and sightseeing. It is an iconic landmark on the Aberdeen Harbor, with shining fluorescent lights reflecting on clear waters. The inside of the Jumbo Kingdom is always busy, with Chinese cuisine constantly served at the many tables. Heads up: having a meal at the Jumbo Kingdom is an expensive proposition, but this is definitely one of the must-do locales in Hong Kong.

1. Temple Street Night Market – Get Ready to Bargain!

The Temple Street Night Market is a very unique spot in Hong Kong as it allows you to experience the city from close quarters. You can get great shopping deals here but the experience of shopping here can be a bit unnerving for the claustrophobic among you. There are more than 100 shops crammed into just five blocks! Dive into some get herbal medicines, t-shirts, counterfeit goods (allegedly) and even get your fortune read. Always remember that you are have to bargain till you get a fair price! There are also outdoor food stalls that sell a variety of street food delicacies including the ever popular curry fish balls, try these for sure. Although the market opens in the afternoon, you will get the best experience between 7 to 10 pm.

Hong Kong is For Fun

It is said that Hong Kong is a restless city. For at least one night, you should enjoy a carefree night out, too. The nights in Hong Kong are full of adventures and you should look to eat, drink, shop and explore to enjoy the island fully. There are many more things to do here than the above-mentioned ones but one thing is for sure: it is hard to get bored here in Hong Kong.




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