Manchester, the capital of the north of England, the heart of the industrial revolution. The city has offered so much to the world, from splitting the atom to the rise of Britpop. It is of no surprise to hear stories of nights out in Manchester from people all over the world. The rise of the Madchester scene in the 90s, The Haçienda and the freedom of expression meant that The University of Manchester was the most sought-after destination for students in the 1990s. Today, the nightlife scene has grown and developed into a place where it is not uncommon to find yourself in a circle, arms round a stranger, belting out Oasis, with everyone encouraged to join in. Pick one (or more) of the five clubs and you are on the track towards having a great night.

Go Clubbing

5. G-A-Y

Where – Canal Street

Open Until – Late

G-A-Y | Design My Night

Manchester is accepting of people for whoever they are, giving rise to one of the country’s biggest LGBT scenes. At the heart of the Village is G-A-Y. When other bars are closing, G-A-Y is your friendly late night clubbing scene. Spread over three floors, it is Canal Streets loudest and proudest club. With a friendly atmosphere, and strictly pop music, you will be welcomed into G-A-Y with open arms regardless of who you are. For a night that never ends, get yourself over to G-A-Y, you will have no problems, no discrimination and probably one of the best nights out in Manchester.


4. Hula Tiki Lounge Bar

Where – Northern Quarter

Open Until – 3 AM

Hula Tiki Lounge | Facebook

One word; Zombies! Hula Tiki Lounge Bar boasts a 1950 beach vibe, specializing in rum and cocktails. Gather your friends together, head over to the bar and order a round of ‘zombies’. Watch as they fill the glasses with alcohol and set the passion fruit on top alight, blow out the flame and be ready for it to blow your mind. As a recommendation, one will get you tipsy, two will have you drunk, at three you probably will not remember you were in Hula the night before. The music is wide ranging and be prepared to hear some reggae, Britpop, rap, dance and anything else you can think of. If a song comes on you don’t like, get yourself to the bar, order another ‘zombie’ and you will be dancing before you know it.


3. Tiger Tiger

Where – Printworks

Open Until – 3 AM

Tiger Tiger Manchester

One of the biggest clubs in Manchester, showcasing eight bars all under one roof, Tiger Tiger has been entertaining clubbers for decades. With the eight bars, come eight uniquely themed rooms, whether you are looking for that wild party, or want to chill out in a laid-back room, there will definitely be a room which has the vibe for you. Being a bit stricter on the dress code, be prepared to dress up at least a little bit, leave your trainers and timberlands at home as you will get refused entry by the bouncers before your night has begun. The drink menu is exhaustive whether you want a beer, wine, champagne or cocktail, Tiger Tiger has the poison you desire.


2. 42nd Street

Where – Deansgate

Open Until – 3 AM

The mecca of every student in Manchester; cheap drinks, good music, free entry (before 11 pm), and an enjoyable night out. It has been Manchester’s go to students’ club for the past 15-20 years, offering a night out for £20, including the taxi home. The music policy is mainly indie, rock, and Britpop, with drinks starting at £1 for a bottle of Carlsberg. If you’re feeling crazy, order yourself a vodka and orange. It is the same price, awful taste, but you will be smashed. Get to 42nd Street (or commonly known as 42’s), get a round in for a fiver and get your Madchester on once you hear Happy Mondays – ‘Step On’.


1. The Warehouse Project

Where – Piccadilly

Open Until – 3 AM

The Albert Hall – The Warehouse Project

A series of organised club nights, where a ticket is needed to enter. TWP has been opening its doors to party goers since 2006 it has dominated the underground clubbing scene in Manchester since. Open for only 12 weeks of the years, makes this one of the most desired venues for clubbers. Packed every single night with 2000 revellers, dancing, drinking, and generally having the best night of their life. Be prepared to part with some of your hard-earned cash, however, you will not regret it. Get online, book a ticket, go down and participate in one of the highlights of the Manchester clubbing scene. Check out the short documentary below that Pitchfork made about this event.

Get Out There and Go Clubbing

Manchester is a city that welcomes diversity, welcomes identity, and welcomes individualism. This is best showcased in the bars and clubs that dominate the northern city. You will be hard pressed to find a better night out, one that you will share for years to come. For we are Manchester, and we are proud.

Rob Parker is a contributor and avid traveler who calls Manchester home.


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