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Skopje has all types of bars and restaurants where you can  rest and enjoy the view while visiting the city. If you’re hungry, there is a diner or pizzeria around every corner.

However, if you’re looking for authentic cuisine, consider a restaurant that specializes in traditional Macedonian dishes. It’s a long To-Do list but you must visit some of the best, most friendly restaurants in the city that offer delicious, traditional Macedonian cuisine.

The Macedonian kitchen is well-known worldwide for the various delicious and specific foods. Most Macedonians are Christian Orthodox, therefore the national dish in Macedonia is tavce gravce, which is a meatless bean dish. Two other traditional cuisines that are popular are Ajvar (a condiment made from red peppers) and Ohridska pastrmka (salmonid fish).

To help you shorten this to-do list, I will outline the 5 best places to eat when visiting Skopje. The delightful and tasty food is cooked to everyone’s taste, so it will surely leave you with a pleasant memory you won’t forget, which is why you must eat Skopje!


5. The Senigallia Hotel and Restaurant

Outside the Senigallia Hotel and Restaurant

Senigallia is a fancy restaurant stationed on the biggest river in Macedonia – Vardar. It will absolutely charm you with its looks. It offers a really great view of the river, excellent ambiance, good service, delicious food but the best part of all; its on a floating ship. Senigallia also doubles as a hotel, so you can spend a night fulfilling your long To-Do list of places to visit while in Skopje.

How cool is this restaurant?


The restaurant has an extremely well made menu where you can not only enjoy the view but also the the appetizing Macedonian Salad. The salad will run you a around $4 dollars. Other popular dishes are:

  • Mixed mushrooms ~$4.50 dollars
  • Starter Senigallia ~$16 dollars
    • Restaurant specialty

Great service, fair prices, and a friendly atmosphere; I assure you that you’ll have a great experience at The Senigallia Restaurant.


4. Distrikt Bar and Kitchen

Distrikt Bar and Kitchen

Conveniently located in the Old Turkish square near the town bank, Distrikt Bar and Kitchen is an elite and well-known restaurant. The restaurant will attract you with its wonderfully modern construction and pleasant ambience.

The Menu consists of a variety of traditional food and an array of amazing drinks. The food here is prepared and decorated in a more modern, 21st century style. This is done to blend the taste of Macedonian tradition style cooking with the presentational style that drives todays culinary world.

At Distrikt you have your choice of delicious soups for around $6. They also serve delicious pasta dishes for as low as $5 dollars. The prices are good – the service even better. Your needs will certainly be fulfilled as the service is top notch.


3. Mekicite od Straza

If you visited previously Ohrid by bus or a car, you must’ve stopped to take a rest somewhere near the national park “Mavrovo,” at a high spot where the well-known Macedonian brand – Mekicite od Straza is located. If you didn’t try the restaurant then, lucky for you, there is one in Skopje for you to try!

Located near the Park Woman – Warrior and the Memorial House “Mother Teresa”, Mekicite od Straza is a famous place to eat because it offers a direct introduction in the Macedonian traditional food made from flour.

Mekicite od Straza

You could say this place is a mix fast food and a local bakery. It’s mostly famous with their gigantic “Mekici,” which can be perfectly combined with white cheese. You can also try “Banica” and you’ll be surprised by how delicious it is. A real pleasure is eating a rolled pie with cheese or spinach pie and they’re even more tasteful combined with their specially made yoghurt.

I must say the prices are very low compared with the fantastic food. A slice of spinach pie and pizza are around $1.50 each. The famous “Mekici,” note even $1 dollar, like I said, cheap! The music is also enjoyable making it hard to leave. 


2. Pelister Restaurant and Hotel

Front of Pelister Restaurant

Pelister Restaurant and Hotel is located in Macedonia Square near the big fountain. Here, you can taste different meals from the Macedonian kitchen, from the Italian kitchen and many more.

Different types of pizza like Marinara and Prosciutto and also really well-prepared pasta like Bolognese, Carbonara, Basilica, etc. Pelister is also a hotel that offers clean, modern and comfortable rooms to stay in and their staff is really helpful and friendly.

Pelister Restaurant


With very pleasant ambience and great atmosphere for
relaxing with a menu that’s rich with varieties of breakfast foods, salads, wide choice of meals with meat like chicken, pork, turkey, lamb, fish, etc. You can also order an ice-cold beer for around $2.50.

This hotel and restaurant is a very good and pleasant place in town to rest and to eat while visiting the capital city – Skopje.

1. Skopski Merak Restaurant

Front of Skopski Merak Restaurant

Located in the Debar Maalo neighborhood, Skopski Merak, offers a more international and traditional menu.  This restaurant is known for its perfect service and wonderful atmosphere, making it one of the best restaurants in the city. The wonderful outdoor terrace will let you relax and the exquisite food will make you pretty satisfied.

There is variety of foods on the menu, like fresh salads, hot and cold starters, charcoal grill, international and traditional main courses, deserts, and the restaurant’s traditional wood oven specialties.

Skopski Merak also offers a really seducing wine card with a lot of wines from Macedonian brands. The wines prices are somewhere around $10 – $13 and I assure you they are tempting while enjoying this “made with love” food.

This attractive restaurant will leave you a good memory and when it comes to the prices, don’t pay attention at all because they are very affordable for anyone and in accordance with the service and the pleasure you’ll get.

Eat Skopje

Skopje is a multi-cultural city which offers a whole lot of monuments to see, good places to eat, a wild nightlife and of course – the citizens are very friendly towards tourists.

When visiting, you absolutely must try something from the Macedonian traditional kitchen.

“When it’s cooked with love, it’s cooked for the soul”

Skopje is a very eye-catching and interesting city to visit, and I guarantee you, it will leave you a long-lasting memory.


Nikola Stanojkovski – Contributor: Nikola studies Business Administration in The Republic of Macedonia. He also spends his time as a web research specialist and a freelance content writer. Nikola likes to travel and I loves rock and roll music.


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