Autumn is here, summer has long gone, and Halloween has gone quicker than the sweets next to your door. The giant inflatable Santa is back on his perch on top of the town hall, ready to welcome visitors to the one and only Manchester Christmas Market. Whether you are interested in the amazing food and drink, or a unique gift for that special someone this Christmas, you will be sure to enjoy your adventure around the UK’s original and award-winning Christmas Market.

Manchester Christmas Market

The Manchester Christmas Markets have been going on for well over a decade, growing in size year on year, increasingly attracting visitors from all over Europe. The Manchester Christmas Market has over 300 individual stalls. Make sure you withdraw your cash at the ATM before you arrive, to avoid the long and arduous search through crowds of people to find an ATM with cash still left. Get ready to don on your Santa hat, put your winter warmers on, and get ready for 41 days of festivities right at the heart of Manchester City Centre. Opening on the 10th of November, closing on the 21st of December. Here are 5 things to do at the Manchester Christmas Market this year:

5. Bratwurst Sausage

Where: Albert Square

Price: £4.50 – £5

Bratwurst Sausage – A must try

It really would not be the same if you went all the way to the Christmas Markets and did not visit the iconic Albert Square to indulge on the tasty German sausage cooked right in front of you. Located in a round stall, directly in front of the giant inflatable Santa, it will be impossible to miss! There will be queues for this beautiful bratwurst, no matter the time of day, or day of the week it is. You will find yourself queuing back up for a second serving after a few mulled wines have stopped you holding back and you are wandering through the stalls.

4. Mulled Wine

Where: Albert Square

Price: £5

There really is nothing better to drink when you are cold and need warming up from the inside. Grab yourself a mulled wine, choose whether to keep the mug and lose your deposit, or consider it an investment and souvenir from the market, which you may or may not lose when walking round. The mulled wine can be found at any number of stalls in and around the Christmas Markets. However it would not be right if you didn’t have a mug of mulled wine under the giant inflatable Santa.


3. Ice Skating

Where: Cathedral Gardens

Price: Adults £10, Children £8 (plus booking fee)

Ice skating in Cathedral Gardens

After all the eating and drinking, of which you inevitably do, when traversing the narrow passages filled with seasoned visitors. You may decide that some exercise and fun is what’s needed. Perfect to show off your ice skating skills on your first date, or whether your children will think it’s fun to watch you fall over and hurt yourself, the ice-skating rink located in shadow of the historic cathedral, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings while gliding on the ice.

2. Hog Roast

Where: Many stall around the market

Price: £4-£5

Hog roast stand at Manchester Christmas Market

Vegetarians and vegans look away now, steaming hot pork nestled in a bun (or ‘butty’ if you are from Manchester) awaits you at the Manchester Christmas Markets. Just imagine it, the succulent, tender meat packed inside a soft bun, soaking up the flavours, with seasonal stuffing to top it all off. You will be able to eat it all, while watching the pig roast right in front of you, head, snout, trotters, the lot. Don’t let it put you off, it’s a reminder of where our food comes from, enjoy your sandwich while thanking the pig that made it possible.

1. Belgian Waffles

Where: All over the market

Price: £3-£5

Belgian Waffles – Yummy

After all the fun, food, drink and exercise, you should treat yourself to one of the amazing Belgian waffles (or three). You really cannot come to the Manchester Christmas Markets on a diet, it would not be fair to you or humanity. Stack them high with toppings and whipped cream, and see if you can devour them quicker than your wages are being spent while at the markets! Whether you want chocolate chips, strawberries, syrup, Nutella or just sugar, you will not be disappointed if you choose to have one before you take the tram home.

Manchester Christmas Markets – A Must Visit

The Manchester Christmas Markets are soon to be back in the city centre, talk to your colleagues, organise for your friends to gather under the inflatable Santa and enjoy everything that the market has to offer. You will not be disappointed!



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