The came out with, what I consider, the best ranking of something…..EVER! AS its name suggests, its “The Worlds 50 Best bars in 2017.” This is exactly what it sounds like, an annual ranking of the world’s best bars put on by this lovely website. Why? To better educate all of us alcoholics, duh! First of all, I want to know how the heck you get the job of assessing and ranking bars. I imagine the interview process goes something like this:

Interviewer: Do you like to travel?

Me: Does a bear shit in the woods!?

Interviewer: Do you like to drink in upscale bars at the expense of someone else?

Me: Yes! A bear does shit in the woods by the way!

If this was the interview process, I’d be frickin in; I love to travel and I am a millennial still mooching off my parents. Unfortunately, until this fantasy becomes a reality, I am stuck writing about the list that other people create.


Last Year’s Winner

Inside of The Dead Rabbit | The Dead Rabbit

Last year’s winner was The Dead Rabbit, a swanky bar in New York (USA, USA, USA!!!) that  pays homage to the city’s 19th-century Irish American history. This place sounds like it has it all, craft beers, whisky, and a menu of over 72, yes I said 72, specialty drinks! Just check out their website, this place ROCKS! With that being said, The Dead Rabbit is old news! Let be honest, no one care about last year’s winner. It’s like comparing it to the 2016 Warriors who won the NBA championship, no one cares anymore. Oh shit, that was the year they blew the 3-1 lead to Cleveland…. Too soon?

Anyhow, on to bigger and better things, like the 2017 rankings! After all, those bar rankings aren’t going to rank themselves. So a big thanks goes out to the heroes over at The Worlds 50 Best Bars for doing God’s work year in and year out since 2008.


Worlds 50 Best Bars – Top 5

1) American Bar – London

Posh interior of The American Bar in London | Timeout

The new number 1 bar in the world, knocking the The Dead Rabbit from it’s 2016 reign, is a 126 year old London landmark. It only makes sense that those Brits want nothing more than to be like us Americans, after all they named their bar after us. Anyhow, this bar sounds as great as the name, serving up American style cocktails. The American Bar celebrates a famous lineage of head bartenders, starting with Ada Coleman, who invented the Hanky Panky in 1903. This isn’t the type of bar where you’re going to slam your drinks. At £16-£20 per drink (two drinks hit the £50 threshold), you’re going to want to savor each and every sip.

2) Dandelyan – London

Dandelyan Bar, Straight out go American Hustle | Dandelyan

We’re not going to take the famous words from the late Ricky Bobby,”if you aint first you’re last” too seriously here. Just because Dandelyan isn’t first on this list, doesn’t mean they’re losers. In fact, they still beat out like 1 billion other bars to be ranked at number 2. All things considered, it sounds like they are more than deserving of this spot. Dandelyan is a chic bar with a look stolen right out of the 80’s or 90’s. The menu is divided into 4 categories; Faith, Lust, Currency and Rock ‘n’ Roll, plus Dandelyan “classics” from old menus. They even offer booze-less cocktails, but I doubt they sell many of those. In my opinion, the best thing about this bar is they play old school hip hop starting at 7 PM every Sunday. What is better than an old school beat with a fine cocktail?

3) The NoMad Bar – New York

The Nomad Bar | Nick Solares

An elegant bar nestled in the hustle and bustle of the financial capital of the world. Im talking about a little place called The NoMad! The NoMad has seen a meteoric rise, rising to number 3 best bar in the world since its opening in 2014. Leo Robitschek, NoMad beverage director has made this bar a destination for large-format Cocktail Explosions that serve 8 to 10 people with recreations of the Sherry Cobbler, Whiskey Smash and Zombies. The biggest “heck yeah” about this place, they serve great food at a reasonable price; most dishes entree style dishes range from $9 to $25 USD. The chicken pot pie seems to be the clear winner from the menu, I would maybe try that the next time you pop in to The Nomad! Bold call alert: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this will be 2018’s #1 on Worlds 50 Best Bars!

4) Connaught Bar – London

Connaught Bar – London

The Connaught Bar is as elegant as it gets, looking like a bar I’d get kicked out of because I wasn’t dressed appropriately for. Personally, I’d be afraid to touch anything to make sure I didn’t break it. With that being said, I wouldn’t hate if my mother made me thrown on a pair of dockers and brought me to this bar. For one, the bartender, Italian Agostino Perrone is one of the most decorated bartenders in the world. Second, their Bloody Mary is considered the industry benchmark. Biiiiiig Bloody Mary guy over here which is the only reason I need to drop £15 on one. Heck, I’d pay up to £30 if it was the labeled as “the industry benchmark.” Connaught also has a great menu geared toward mixing well with their cocktails. Sound like this place has it all and is totally deserving of the number 4 spot!

5) The Dead Rabbit – New York

The Dead Rabbit

Its a far fall from grace. Okay, not really, in The Dead Rabbits case its only 5 places. When you’re king of the castle theres only one place to go and thats down. Still a great bar with great service and great drinks. Side note, I am seriously starting to think the rankers and/or website founders live in London or New York, just a guess though.

The Next Best

6. The Clumsies – Athens

7. Manhattan – Singapore (weird, another bar named after a US city 🙂 )

8. Attaboy – New York

9. Bar Termini – London

10. Speak Low – Shanghai

11. Little Red Door – Paris

12. Happiness Forgets – London

13. High Five – Tokyo

14. Licoreria Limantour – Mexico City

15. Atlas – Singapore

16. Dante – New York

17. Oriole – London

18. Broken Shaker – Miami Beach

19. Candelaria – Paris (Only bar on this list I have personally been to. So worth it! You walk into an old taco joint, through the back door you walk into a modern dimly lit bar. If you’re in Paris, this is a must go to! Totally deserving of a spot on the Worlds 50 Best Bars)

20. Himkok – Oslo

Head over to to see the full list.





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