I am a person who loves getting cash back for things I buy, who doesnt? There is a way to do this with an app that every one of you probably uses on a daily basis. The funny thing is, nobody seems to know about it. Thats why I am here to drop some knowledge that will help you get cash back on dinning purchases you were already going to make.

Yelp Cash Back

This little known (open) secret Im talking about is conveniently called; Yelp Cash Back. This is a feature that came out in December of 2016 so I don’t blame you if you haven’t heard of it until now. It is a great way to get up to 10% back for dinning in at participating restaurants. It is free of charge and all you have to do is register your credit cards. The best part is you can combine these savings with other credit card rewards for even bigger savings. Another great feature is you don’t have to preregister the participating restaurants to your card. Yelp Cash Back will automatically recognize that the restaurant is a participant and will credit your credit card if you dine in at it.

There are a few restrictions with Cash Back; however, they’re not bad at all and the pros far outweigh the cons.


  • It is only available at food and drink establishments
  • Does not work with online or delivery orders
  • Cash back credit is not credited instantaneously, only on the 18th of every month


How do you Sign Up for Yelp Cash Back?

Step 1: Seach “Yelp Cash Back” on Google and it will bring you to this page. Click the link.

Yelp Cash Back Google Search | JustWingingIt

Step 2: After you click the link it will bring you to this page below. Click the “log in or sign up to Enroll.” Fill in your personal information if you’re new to Yelp or click sign in if you already have Yelp.

Yelp Cash Back Sign Up Page | JustWingingIt

Step 3: Link your cards.

Yelp Cash Back – Linking Cards | JustWingingIt

Step 4: Sit back and reap the rewards

Yelp Cash Back – Reap the rewards | JustWingingIt

My Takeways

Yelp Cash Back isn’t going to make you rich; however, receiving a couple bucks back every month for dinning experiences you were already going to experience is a no brainer. Its painless and easy to sign up. I literally forgot I had signed up for it until I received a credit to my credit card.

Yelp Cash Back – Portal screen | JustWingingIt

Make sure to:

  1. Link all credit cards to maximize your chances of cash back
  2. In the app, if you’re looking for participating restaurants, look under each places name for a green money sign in a circle with the phrase “X% Cash Back.” If you’re in a bigger city, you can also create a filter that shows only Cash Back participants.


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