If you’re looking for amazing nightlife experiences, then Bogota is the place you want to be. Bogota is the capital of Colombia and is recognized as having one of the best nightlife scenes in the entire country. Bogota has a mixed scene when it comes to bars and clubs so you’ll have a lot of options of where to go for the night. Luckily, the nightlife in Bogota lasts until well into the next morning so there’s plenty of time to bar hop and stop by a few clubs in the same night.

Buckle Up!

La Villa Night Club

La Vailla

La villa is a well known bar for travelers, every Tuesday they throw an event called Gringo Tuesdays. This event is a language exchange between locals and foreigners. Time is dedicated earlier in the evening to be able to socialize and it’s a great way to meet people in Bogota. It is also a good way to practice a language of your choice. La Villa soon becomes an exciting club as the evening progresses. The social atmosphere quickly turns into a party with live DJ music. The tables and chairs are cleared to reveal a dance floor. You’ll usually see a good sized crowd here for the event. Tuesdays are relatively quiet no matter what city you’re in but Bogota is one destination where you can party the night away.


Theatron | Trip Advisor

Theatron is the largest electronic club in Colombia and you’re lucky enough to have it right in Bogota for you to experience. The club is located in Chapinero and is a go-to destination for a lot of people; gay or straight, this place throws down! Huge crowds pack the club every weekend. Once you enter, you’ll realize why it’s considered the biggest club. There are multiple floors and rooms, each playing a variety of different music to fit your taste. The club even has an outside courtyard with yet another DJ and stage set up. Fridays and Saturdays are the best nights as both of the rooms will be filled with people dancing and drinking all night long. Theatron has a cover, $32,000 pesos (about $11 USD) but upon entry you will be given a drink card. Once you get your first drink, you can re-use the cup throughout the entire venue for complimentary drinks for the entire night.

Armando Records

Armando Records | Facebook

In Bogota, you’ll see a lot of nightlife activity happening on Calle 85 in Zona Rosa. If dancing is your thing, then you’ll really enjoy Armando Records. Armando Records is a three level club with a mix of music on each level. Armando Records plays a variety from electronic to house to dancehall. As you make your way through the venue, you will see a large dance floor with a live DJ spinning music all night. The dance floor here is always packed with party-goers having a great time. The top floor is a rooftop bar so you can better enjoy the night under the Bogota sky. It’s possible to get discounted entry if you only plan to stay on the ground level but as one of the best clubs in Bogota, you’ll easily be tempted to explore the entire venue while you’re here.

Disco Jaguar

Disco Jaguar

You can probably tell by the name what to expect in a venue called Disco Jaguar. You’ll find this club in Chapinero is a hot spot for dancing in Bogota. As soon as you enter, you’ll be greeted by great music and party lights. The interior set up of Disco Jaguar is interesting. There are standing tables surrounding the dance floor so whether you’re out on the floor or just enjoying your drink, you won’t help but be able to move your feet. The music varies throughout the night. Disco Jaguar typically has a younger crowd since it’s nearby to a few universities.

Radio Berlin

RadioBerlin | Zoomenlinea


The Bogota nightlife generally lets you party until three in the morning. Radio Berlin is the exception. This is a great after-hours club since it remains open until six in the morning. The extra couple hours of clubbing should easily take your night from good to amazing. Radio Berlin is another large electronic club in Bogota. It has two levels with dance floors on each playing a mix of electronic, house music, etc. They even feature international DJs that perform here; such as ddddddd. Club spotlights circle the venue all night long to create the perfect party atmosphere.


Bonus: Bodegas/Pubs

A great thing about Bogota is that you can find drinks almost anywhere. And wherever there’s drinks, there is sure to be a crowd of people hanging around. A popular hangout for many locals is at a small bodega or pub. These small venues can be seen throughout the neighborhoods and city. Bodegas have a few places to sit inside or outside and have a lot of local beer options. These are a good place to start the night while trying to get plans together or to just have a quiet night out while enjoying drinks.

Where Will You Go?

If you’re a fan of exciting nightlife, then Bogota is definitely a destination that you want to visit. The countless venues here play music of all types and there are numerous opportunities to dance the night away. Locals and travelers can be seen together enjoying all that Bogota has to offer. After just one night of exploring the night club scene in Bogota, you’ll be glad that you decided to come.


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