Red Bull Rampage is insane, no other way to put it. It mixes creativity with skill and more importantly it showcases 12 of the most insane mountain bikers in the sport. If you haven’t heard of Red Bull Rampage, I wouldn’t be surprised. This is one of Redbull’s newer signature series events, which includes mountain bikers specifically invited for their reputations as senders. For the riders, the competition starts a week early where each riders arrives in virgin Utah with a team of “builders” and each competitor creates a unique line in the side of one of the largest peaks in Zion National Park.

Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

After a week of digging, building, planning, and visualizing, the riders, along with a couple hundred spectators meet at the peak. Each rider is allowed two runs to get from the top of the peak to the bottom in the most unique and death-defying manner possible. Previous years events have included canyon jumps over 200 feet, as well as vertical drops of over 100 feet. Redbull Rampage is something that has to be experienced to be fully understood. That’s the best part, the relatively “unknown” sport has gone below the radar enough that as a spectator the experience is extremely intimate. There are no “boundaries” and the spectators are allowed to move wherever they want to get the best view possible. You rub elbows with all the athletes and get a front row seat for all the success and defeat that comes with an event this gnarly.

The event is the best of all worlds for anyone who loves the outdoors and travel. It’s at the same time, 1 part outdoor activity, 1 part unbelievable spectacle of physical talent, and 1 part epic desert party (it is a Redbull event after all). With that being said, this isn’t just a sporting event that you can just drive up to, grab your assigned seat and take in the action. You are on your own to figure it all out, and we have some inside tips for you to make sure you get everything that Rampage has to offer!

1. Fly into Vegas

How do ya not? Technically the closest airport to the event, and an affordable flight from most major destinations. This also allows you to drive past number 2 on the list!

2. Stop at Sand Hallow State Park

Great way to get the blood flowing! Just one of MANY hidden gems that Utah has to offer. See our boy Zach’s article for other great things to do in Zion.

3. Figure Out Your Sleeping Arrangement Before Hand or Just Wing It!

How much do you like nature? This will play a lot into where you end up crashing the night before the big event. You need to be at the pick up spot nice and early, so we recommend staying as close as possible. You really have 3 choices:

  • Motel – Some great local hotels in Virgin, Springdale and Hurricane that will get you a good nights sleep and ready to go.
  • Airbnb – For those with a few extra bucks or a bunch of buddies to stay with, there are some incredible options within Zion that will provide an awesome experience.
  • The Side of the road (recommended) – Make sure to rent a big ass car and grab some blankets from the Walmart and you will have yourself the most affordable sleeping arrangement you can find. Roadside camping is very popular at Zion and we think that it’s the most Rampage-like way to get you well-rested for the event!

4. How to Get to the Event

Red Bull Rampage

This shit is legit in the middle of nowhere. 3-5 miles into Zion through desert terrain. You have a few options and I have listed them in order of legitness:

  • Buggies: Redbull supplies a bunch of Jurassic park looking buggies to cart you to and from the  event.
    • Pros: bad ass, awesome ride with some crazy drivers
    • Cons: hard to get on, have to know someone at Red Bull. The wait to get back to town after the event is terrible and you have to watch all the bikers ripping by after getting amped up by all the action
  • Rent a bike: There are multiple bike rental places in the surrounding towns, and the trails out to the event are epic.
    • Pros: biking is awesome. Come and go whenever you please
    • Cons: bike rentals in town can be expensive, bike village at the event is tough to find your bike!
  • Drive: NOT recommended unless you have a lifted truck or a jeep. Sand get deep as hell and              nobody wants to be stuck in the desert.
  • Walk: lame a/f

5. What to Bring

Fans during Red Bull Rampage Finals in Virgin, Utah, USA, on 13 October 2013.

Shirt that covers arms, face mask, WATER, BEER, zip lock for stuff you don’t want to get sandy, binoculars, hat, funny shit – the crowd is a classic Redbull crowd, loves to have a good time.

6. Where to Watch

Sam Reynolds competes at the finals during the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, UT, USA on 16 October, 2015.

Mix it up, take in the bottom and the top, see a lot of different stuff. Stop in and say hey to the athletes – the tent is located right in the middle of the viewing area. You will get to be a part of all the celebrations and all of the agony – that is part of what makes this such an amazing event.

7. What to do After

Ask around to find out where the after party is. It is not closed off and you get to hang out with and hear stories from all the riders. This was the sickest part of the trip – you know who the riders are because 1. They look exhausted 2. They have all just gone through near death experiences 3. They are ALL beat to shit, cut up hands from digging, slings, and casts 4. They are all caked with dirt.

Well that is what we have for you! You really can’t go wrong with this trip and are sure to have a truly unique and memorable experience. Good luck to you and we look forward to seeing you October 27th!


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